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  • Mind. Body. Bedroom.


    “Balance.” It’s not just a buzzword, but an absolute necessity in a society almost celebratory of overwhelming schedules and constant stress. Finding that balance means making time for you. Helping you find refuge and energy with a healthy mind, body, and bedroom, Fascinations is excited to offer advice, solutions, and products that truly embrace this era of awakening and vitality. With sexual intimacy being at the forefront for swift, natural remedies to emotional health and physical ailments, our mission is to take a 360-degree holistic approach, and eliminate the archaic taboos it once held. And, according to Dr. Ruth Westheimer, “If you’re healthy, educated, and willing to communicate, then you can have sex until age 99.” Continue reading

  • 7 Health & Wellness Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner in Life


    These days, a state of being wildly busy is something we’ve come to accept and even embrace. Life can become overwhelming quickly and our environments often mirror our lives. While a sense of equilibrium is truly a personal perception and there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach, there are often easy, natural remedies to finding that balance. With many different ways to achieve this and placing focus on not just one area, as your mind needs just as much attention as your body to refrain from breaking down later in life, the 7 following tips are sure keep you feeling and looking your best in the years ahead:

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  • Sense & Sensuality

    Was it love at first sight or the sound of his voice? Perhaps it was the smell of his cologne or the touch and taste of his lips that caught you by surprise?  “Celebrate Your Senses Day” is June 24 and we invite you to block out all external factors and celebrate your senses in ways you haven’t imagined, for a more intimate and sensual encounter with your lover. Continue reading

  • Blushing Bride-To-Be: Bachelorette Must-Haves

    The countdown begins! You (or your friend) are days away from saying “I Do,” and the only thing left before the bride-to-be walks down the aisle is the Bachelorette Party! Go out with a bang and let Fascinations be your Bachelorette Party headquarters. We have everything you need to make this last night of singlehood one to remember. Continue reading

  • Truth or Date – Dating Games

    Games are a great way to get to know the one you’re dating, for couples of all ages to explore new sensual possibilities and for everyone to spark deeper feelings of intimacy. Don’t believe us? We are of course referring to actual games that you play, not emotional games! Games help bring up topics, create memorable moments and build an awareness of what your partner likes and how to push their buttons. Fascinations has an array of fun and intimate games, none of which are boring, traditional or been-there, done-that; proving that games are not just for young-hearted beginners! Continue reading

  • Be all you can be, in the Sun!

    Memorial Day is a time for our nation to remember and honor those who have served in the armed forces. For most it is also a time for pool parties and barbeques, and it marks the start of what will become months of summer fun in the sun. This Memorial Day Fascinations is here to help you “be all you can be” in the sun; be as sexy and comfortable as possible, no matter what brings you outdoors this summer! What better time to plan ahead for the inevitable summer pool party, than now? Continue reading

  • Push Your Boundaries: Fifty Shades of Inhibitions

    Are you ready to try new things?

    Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey first hit the bookshelves in 2011 it became an overnight best-seller. We at Fascinations have noticed more and more couples daring to try new things. Once the book was released, incorporating toys like handcuffs into the bedroom became the new norm. But before going any further, we want you to know it is okay if you have never read the books, have not dared to explore and maybe felt the “50 Shades” fad just was not your scene. To those of you that missed the bandwagon of sultry concepts involved with Fifty Shades of Grey, and to those of you who are curious what you could be missing in your love life, this blog is for you! Continue reading

  • Dating 2.0 – Sexy Twists for Classic Dates

    May is “Date Your Mate Month” and Fascinations understands that dating is a huge part of our adult lives. Dating is the building block to a growing, healthy, loving relationship. Dating can also be a fun way to build your confidence, test one’s dating skills and play the field to learn what you do or do not want in a mate. Continue reading

  • The ULTIMATE experience you’re not having.

    Are you ready to get the inside scoop on one of the most intense sexual experiences you can have with your partner? Welcome to the Nuru Massage, a sensual massage involving both partners that incorporates full body contact to relax the body. It’s perfect for those who love foreplay, experimentation, long sessions and intense pleasure during sexual intercourse! Continue reading

  • Fashion Meets Function: The Closet Collection

    Now in-stock at your local Fascinations is The Closet Collection, a new line of products from Impulse Novelties! This product line is all about quality in packaging, design, and diversity; there really is something for everyone! How about some expert tips from our staff?
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